Attorney General Schneiderman Visits Rochester, Vowing To Be A Champion For Upstate

Schneiderman Details Ambitious Agenda for the Region, Including Cracking Down on Fraud & Corruption Against Taxpayers

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ROCHESTER – Newly sworn in after taking office earlier this month, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman visited Rochester today, vowing to be a champion for upstate residents. As part of his visit, Schneiderman detailed his plans to crack down on waste, fraud and abuse, giving a voice to the people of the region who are concerned about government corruption.

“The bottom line is I will be an Attorney General and a strong representative for all New Yorkers. That means not just talking about everyone's concerns, but visiting every community, talking to residents throughout the state, and being a true champion for the people," said Attorney General Schneiderman. "Our first two goals must be restoring New Yorkers' confidence in the economy and their government -- and going after waste, fraud, and corruption committed against the people of Rochester and the rest of the state."

During his visit to the Rochester office, the Attorney General met with key staffers in the area to discuss the numerous ongoing cases that impact local residents. The Attorney General's office handles thousands of cases each month, many involving frauds against taxpayers, crimes against consumers, and government corruption. Schneiderman said his office has a zero tolerance policy for those who cheat the taxpayers of New York State.

As part of his agenda for Rochester and the surrounding region, Schneiderman also reiterated his commitment today to assigning a public integrity officer in his regional office in Rochester, and in every other regional office in the state. This will allow easy access for the public to file complaints about government corruption within their communities, without fear of retaliation or prejudice.

Over the next few weeks, Attorney General Schneiderman plans to visit regional offices throughout the state to empower staff to focus on his priorities, share his vision with New Yorkers and provide a direct path for citizens to speak out against government corruption.