Division of Economic Justice

The Attorney General strives to assert and defend the public interest in our courts. The Public Advocacy Division, consisting of nine bureaus, conducts investigations and lawsuits in pursuit of this goal. In addition, several bureaus such as Investment Protection and Charities, serve a regulatory function within their respective sectors.

The Antitrust Bureau protects New York consumers, businesses and state entities from violations of the antitrust laws. The New York Donnelly Act and federal antitrust laws promote the unrestrained interaction of market forces, resulting in the best allocation of economic resources, and the lowest consumer prices.

Under the federal and state antitrust laws, the Bureau: Uses the extensive investigative powers of the Attorney General to probe any arrangement or activity that appears to be an antitrust violation; Prevents or enjoins anticompetitive practices that are harmful to the public; Brings civil actions to recover damages and penalties for violations of the antitrust laws; and Prosecutes criminally, violations of the Donnelly Act.

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Consumer Frauds and Protection
The Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection prosecutes businesses and individuals engaged in fraudulent, misleading, deceptive and illegal trade practices. In addition to litigating, the Bureau mediates thousands of complaints received each year from individual consumers. A large percentage of these complaints are resolved satisfactorily through mediation. The Bureau also drafts proposed legislation, conducts studies and writes reports on emerging consumer problems and issues.

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The Internet Bureau of the New York Attorney General’s office is committed to protecting consumers and families from new and emerging online threats. The Bureau has brought a number of important and cutting edge cases and settlements on a wide range of topics, including child safety, privacy, spyware, spam, fraud, and free speech. The Internet Bureau also accepts complaints directly from consumers, and, where appropriate, mediates disputes with online sellers and service providers.

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Investment Protection and Securities Bureau
The primary responsibility of the Attorney General's Investment Protection and Securities Bureau is to regulate the offering and sale of securities, including real estate offerings of cooperatives and condominiums through the Martin Act. Under this law, the Attorney General has broad authority to regulate the securities and commodities business, in addition to other types of investment opportunities, and to prosecute violations of the act.

In addition to enforcing the Martin Act through civil and criminal prosecutions and by means of its registration provisions, the bureau protects the investing public through its reports on major issues; through its investor education program; and through its complaint/FOIL processing system.

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