Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is comprised of the Criminal Enforcement and Financial Crimes Bureau, the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, the Organized Crime Task Force, and the Public Integrity Bureau.

Criminal Prosecutions

The Criminal Prosecution Bureau has attorneys located throughout the State of New York and is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of a wide variety of criminal cases brought by the Attorney General. The Attorney General's authority to prosecute crimes is found throughout the laws of New York State. For example, the Attorney General has independent criminal jurisdiction to prosecute fraud in the sale of securities, bid-rigging, and violations of the New York State Labor Laws dealing with the amount that workers must be paid. In other instances, the Attorney General’s jurisdiction arises under Executive Law §63. Under this section, the head of a department, division or agency of the State of New York may request that the Attorney General investigate and prosecute the commission of any offense related to the authority of that agency. Some of those State agencies include: the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, the New York State Education Department, the New York State Department of Health, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Police.

The Criminal Enforcement and Financial Crimes Bureau is comprised of several units, including the Auto Insurance Fraud Unit (“AIFU”), the Crime Proceeds Strike Force and the Environmental Crimes Unit.

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Auto Insurance Fraud Unit

The Auto Insurance Fraud Unit (AIFU) was established in response to an executive order signed by Governor Pataki on May 9, 2001. That order appointed the Attorney General as Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute criminal acts relating to fraudulent motor vehicle insurance claims. AIFU has a staff consisting of attorneys, investigators, auditors and analysts. AIFU, which is part of the Criminal Enforcement and Financial Crimes Bureau, conducts long-term investigations and prosecutions of individuals and groups involved in committing insurance fraud under the state's no-fault law and related crimes. Its investigations focus on individuals who stage motor vehicle accidents in order to submit fraudulent injury claims to insurance carriers, corrupt medical providers which participate in the submission of phony claims, and law firms which file fraudulent suits stemming from such incidents.

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit

The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (“MFCU”), the largest unit within the Attorney General’s Criminal Division, is the centerpiece of New York’s effort to investigate, penalize, and prosecute individual and companies responsible for improper or fraudulent Medicaid billing schemes. In addition, the MFCU is the only law enforcement agency in the state specifically mandated to investigate and prosecute abuse and neglect of residents in nursing homes, hospitals, and other facilities that provide care to unrelated adults.

The MFCU utilizes a team-based approach to identify and investigate fraud committed by hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, doctors, dentists, nurses, and other Medicaid providers. From inception through disposition, attorneys, auditors, and investigators work together to uncover complex fraudulent conduct for which the Unit holds offenders accountable through both criminal prosecution and civil litigation. Almost unique among law enforcement entities, the MFCU wields the New York State Attorney General’s dual authority both to prosecute and seek affirmative civil relief as circumstances and the interests of justice warrant.

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Organized Crime Task Force

The Organized Crime Task Force (“OCTF”) is a division of the New York State Department of Law that specializes in the investigation and prosecution of multi-county and multi-state organized criminal activities. OCTF identifies emerging and existing organized criminal enterprises, and through a broad array of civil and criminal enforcement techniques, seeks to undermine their structure, influence and presence within the State.

OCTF has offices throughout the State of New York, and is headquartered in White Plains. Most of its cases involve long-term investigations into such area as narcotics trafficking, bookmaking, money laundering, grand larceny, official corruption and fraud.

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Public Integrity Bureau

The Public Integrity Bureau (“PIB”) investigates and seeks to vindicate the public's interest in honest government. When government actors, or private individuals acting in concert with them, engage in corruption, fraud or illegal behavior in the course of their public duties, the PIB may investigate or take enforcement action to restore the public's interest in honest government and the integrity of government officials at the state and local level. Specifically, PIB handles complex investigations into government corruption, fraud and abuse of authority. Although PIB is part of the Criminal Division, PIB brings cases pursuant to both civil and criminal authority. The Bureau can also issue reports about its investigations and findings.

Attorney General Schneiderman has made cracking down on corruption and restoring the public’s trust in government a top priority for the Office. In 2011, the Attorney General launched a groundbreaking initiative expanding his office’s authority to investigate public corruption involving taxpayer funds by partnering with the state Comptroller. In addition, the Attorney General designated public integrity officers in every region of the state to give New Yorkers a place to go to report complaints of government corruption without the fear of local politics influencing the outcome.

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