Community Overdose Prevention (COP) Program

In April 2014, Attorney General Schneiderman established the Community Overdose Prevention (COP) program to fund the training and equipping of eligible law enforcement agencies throughout New York State with nasally-administered naloxone. COP dedicates $5 million of funds seized as crime proceeds from joint federal and state criminal investigations to fund the purchase of a “naloxone kit” for every sworn officer in the state that might encounter an acute opioid overdose in the line of duty.

Attorney General Schneiderman’s COP program will reimburse law enforcement agencies for:

  • The expense of equipping officers that might encounter an acute opioid overdose with one full naloxone kit.
  • Any necessary expense to train officers to administer the naloxone kit (which is as required for police officers to carry naloxone).
  • Replacing the naloxone kits as necessary on a first-come first-served basis, pending the availability of remaining funds at the time the kits need to be replaced.

First responders around the country have saved thousands of lives by carrying “naloxone kits” and administering naloxone to opioid overdose victims. Naloxone is a proven lifesaver for people at risk of immediate death from an opioid overdose, including heroin or prescription pain pills. Naloxone provides more time for emergency medical personnel to arrive at the scene and transport the victim to a hospital by temporarily reversing some of the most dangerous effects of an opioid overdose.

Each naloxone kit consists of a zip bag or pouch containing:

  • Two vials of naloxone
  • Two mucosal atomization devices for nasal administration
  • One pair of latex gloves
  • Booklet on the use of naloxone.

A full naloxone kit costs approximately $60.00 and the shelf life of each kit is approximately two years. Naloxone kits may either be carried by officers on their person or in vehicles driven by officers. Storage of the kits is not burdensome – they merely have to be kept at room temperature.


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