Dell Settlement

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Information about filing a Claim for Compensation related to the Dell Settlement

In May, 2008, the New York Supreme Court, Albany County, issued a decision in the Attorney General’s lawsuit against Dell, Inc. and Dell Financial Services, Inc. (“Dell”) finding that Dell engaged in a variety of deceptive, fraudulent and illegal practices in connection with its sale, financing and servicing of Dell computers and other electronic products and accessories. Dell and the New York Office of the Attorney General ("NYSOAG ") have now entered into a formal agreement which has been approved by the Court, that requires Dell to pay the NYSOAG $4,000,000 to resolve the lawsuit. These funds may be used to compensate consumers who were harmed by the practices found by the Court to be deceptive. You may be entitled to compensation if you experienced one or more of following problems:

A. You financed your purchase through Dell after being falsely led to believe that you had qualified for a “no interest” promotion.

B. You had difficulty obtaining technical support for equipment that was covered by a warranty, or “at home” or “on site”service contract. For example, you may have been subjected to long telephone hold times; you may not have received expedited service as promised under a service contract; or you may have been required to open your computer during troubleshooting.

C. You were entitled to a rebate but did not receive the full rebate you were entitled to.

To qualify for compensation you must also meet the following eligibility requirements:

1) When you purchased your equipment or experienced your problem you were a New York resident.

2) The problem for which you seek compensation occurred subsequent to May 14, 2004, except, if you are claiming that a Dell sales associate falsely advised you that you had qualified for promotional financing, then you may seek compensation if you financed your purchase subsequent to May 14, 2001.

If you satisfy these eligibility requirements and wish to be considered for compensation, please complete and return the relevant claim form(s), which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below, to the address listed on the form. For additional information please call the Attorney General’s toll free number at 1-800-771-7755.

Please note that if you submitted a claim form last Fall and received a letter from the NYSOAG this Spring advising that a claim was submitted to the Court on your behalf, you do not need to complete another claim form. You have already qualified for compensation and will receive a check in the mail shortly.

All Forms must be postmarked by December 15, 2009 to be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I qualify for compensation, when can I expect to receive the money?
You should not expect to hear from our office until a few months after the December 15, 2009 claims submission deadline. You can check our website periodically for updates.

2. I submitted a claim form to the NYSOAG last Fall and received a letter advising me that a claim for compensation was submitted to the Court on my behalf. Do I need to complete another claim form?
No. You have already qualified for compensation and will receive a check in the mail shortly.

3. Can I submit a claim form if I previously submitted one and received a letter advising me that the NYSOAG was not able to seek compensation for me?
Yes. Before doing so, please review the eligibility requirements carefully to make sure that you meet them. If you think you are eligible for compensation, you may file a claim form again. Please be sure to complete the form thoroughly and submit any documentation you have to support your claim.

4. I don’t have documentation to support my claim. Can I still submit a claim form?
Yes. Please try to submit whatever documentation you have to support your claim. However, we will review your claim even if you cannot provide additional documentation.

5. I’m not sure whether I filed a claim form already, or I filed a claim form but don’t recall whether I received a letter from the NYSOAG . How can I find out whether I have already qualified for compensation?
If you have any other questions about the settlement or completing a claim form please email us at or call our toll free phone number, 1-800 771-7755.

You can download Adobe PDF Reader from Adobe Systems.

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