Bullet Proof Vest (inVEST) Program

Thank you for your interest to the New York State Office of Attorney General’s (“OAG”) inVEST Partnership protective vest reimbursement program. In order to assess your candidacy for the program, the OAG requires some basic information about your agency as well as the stock and state of your current protective vest inventory. Please accurately provide answers to all of the questions listed below. If you have any questions about this application, please refer to the “Frequently Asked Question” section on the protective vest reimbursement program’s website (hyperlink) or contact the OAG directly by emailing inVEST@ag.ny.gov or calling 518-650-1653.

Note: *** All fields are required ***.

Please provide contact information for your agency.

Agency Contact Information
(ex:999-999-9999 or 999-999-9999 x9999)
(ex:999-999-9999 or 999-999-9999 x9999)

Please detail your agency’s enrollment status in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Equitable Sharing Program. If your agency is not currently enrolled in the Equitable Sharing Program, you must e-mail a copy of your Equitable Sharing Program application (available here) to inVEST@ag.ny.gov within three days of submitting this application. Agencies not officially enrolled in the Equitable Sharing Program by the time of award notification will not be eligible for funding.


If you select no, please upload your application and sworn affidavit to the DOJ Equitable Sharing Program.

Please provide police officer headcount information about your agency.  Please note, while cadets/trainees are eligible for this program, they are required to be hired/budgeted staff at the time of this application. The OAG will not fulfill requests based on projected future need.

Agency Personnel Info

In order to ensure equitable funding for agencies most in need of new or replacement vests, please provide the following information about your agency’s current stock of protective vests.

Current Protective Vest Inventory

In order to allocate funding to agencies most in need of protective vests, please provide the following information concerning your agency’s upcoming budget for bulletproof vests in Fiscal Year 2015. If you are unable to complete the section below, you must provide a written explanation why this information was unavailable in the “Additional Information” section at the end of the application.

FY 2015 Budget

Please itemize your planned vest order (how many vests you plan on purchasing with inVEST Partnership funding). In the fields below, please organize your total planned vest purchase by National Institute of Justice (“NIJ”) protection level standards. For information on National Institute of Justice (“NIJ”) standards that describe threat levels, please see NIJ published information for ballistic resistance and/or stab resistance. Please be advised that the purchase of tactical level protective vests (typically NIJ bulletproof Threat Level III and IV) may be subject to additional terms and conditions (see Frequently Asked Questions section).

Note: *** Bulletproof – NIJ Threat Level Rating and Stab Proof – NIJ Threat Level Rating must be numeric only ***.

Bulletproof Vest Request – NIJ Threat Level Rating

Stab Proof – NIJ Threat Level Rating

Please provide information concerning how you plan to allocate newly purchased vests to your staff.

Vest Usage

Please provide information concerning the total costs of your requested vest purchase. Please remember that purchases will not be reimbursed until your grant application is processed and approved by the OAG. Therefore, DO NOT make your bulletproof vest purchase until after you have received notification from the OAG concerning your award. The OAG will not guarantee funding for any purchases made before award notification date. If accepted, the OAG will reimburse your agency up to 50 percent of the total costs of purchasing the vests. Total costs include: the cost of protective vests, vest carriers, attachments, inserts, as well as shipping, handling, fitting charges, and applicable taxes. Please calculate total costs after any applicable vendor discounts.

Total Costs

We ask that applicants provide information concerning recent applications to the federal Bulletproof Vest Partnership (“BVP”). These questions are for informational purposes only. Agencies receiving federal funding are still eligible to receive OAG funding. 

Federal Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program

If you would like to provide any additional information about your agencies need for protective vests, please do so in the space below (OPTIONAL)

Additional Information

By printing my name below, I ATTEST to the OAG that the information provided in this application is accurate and reflects the true nature of my agency’s protective vest needs.

Sign and Attest
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